Green Impact Academy
Inspiring to a Leading Chinese Green Talent Platform

The overwhelming change in the world comes into being, people attempt to redefine what an ideal life is. We wish to live a sustainable life, do a mission-based job, run a sustainable business. This change has a name, Green Economy. Globally, this would transform our lives, jobs, and businesses for at least 50 years or more. We are born to participate and shape the change, to make economic growth environmentally sustainable. This is the future we should invest in.

What is Green Industry?

Green Industry means economies striving for a more sustainable pathway of growth, by undertaking green public investments and implementing public policy initiatives that encourage environmentally responsible private investments.

Green Impact Academy acts as a Meet Market aggregator, providing talent development, marketing, and financial plumbing services to accelerate the growth of green industries in the Greater China region.


Green Mentor's Fireside Chat

The Achilles’s Heel of Taiwan’s Offshore Wind Power Development: Unresolved Legal Risks ahead

【Green Mentor's Fireside Chat】 It looks as if completing the process will be the last push for dev...

Green Mentor's Fireside Chat


【Green Mentor's Fireside Chat】影響力投資人代表一個新品種的投資人,關注環境與社會問題。而天使投資人...

Green Mentor's Fireside Chat


【Green Mentor's Fireside Chat】我們從另一個面向切入談綠色投資想要達成的綠色影響力時,其實是可以有趣...

Green Quick Fix

Green investment

【Green Quick Fix】影響力投資定位,是以影響力為主要目的,財務自足和組織韌性是達成「可持續影響力」的...

Praise for Green Impact Academy

  • Yancey HAI / Chairman of Delta Electronics Inc.

    Management believes green business is unprofitable; however, it is a huge myth. In fact, you can have your cakes and eat them with environmental benefits. The employees who work with you also feel much more valuable and happier. This is by far the best solution of decoupling economic growth from environmental pressures.

  • LIN Hsien-Te / Professor of Department of Architecture of National Cheng Kung University

    Green companies need a grand view to find out the key of sustainable operation. Meet Green Impact Academy to get the solutions. You can have a foresight to build strategies for next 10 years and will not be led by competitors ahead of you.

  • KUO Ying-Chao / Principal Architect of Bio-Architecture Formosana

    When I propose to owners, I often feel that they are really confused about how to combine environmental benefits and business operations. That is true because an enterprise can’t claim itself eco-friendly just by turning their headquarters into green buildings. Small and medium enterprises need a better tool to make up the deficiency of green talents. I would invite those to meet Green Impact Academy.

  • WEN Lih-Chyi / Supervisor of Center of Green Economy, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research

    We support bold green entrepreneurs, for those will reshape accepted models of business. Green Impact Lab provides seed funding and mentorship to these green entrepreneurs, so they have the resources and tools to explore further.

  • Aling LIN / Best-selling author

    I do not run a huge company, so I do not understand the complicated operations and mindsets of business. However, as a customer, I know that earning money is not the only way for people to gain happiness. If you do not push your company to take responsibilities of both social and environmental problems, you will find out that you are on the wave crest when another food safety crisis happens.