Biodegradable plastics

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Biodegradable plastics emphasize the trait of being compostable, breaking down quickly with the help of microorganism under specific environmental conditions. Furthermore, the residue (water, carbon dioxide, biomass) will not create extra burden upon the environment. This is to avoid the fate of traditional plastics, which may take centuries and even eons to decompose in the natural environment after being discarded. In the meantime, its presence inevitably has a negative impact upon the eco-environment.

A major advantage of biodegradable plastics is rapid decomposition. Despite the similarity with traditional plastics in physical functions, products made from bioplastics tend to degrade at a faster pace with the progress of time. Therefore, in terms of usage, this material tends to replace single-use, disposable plastic products such as plastic bags, merchandise wrapping, straws, food containers, disposable eating utensils, and agricultural material.

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