Marketing Services

You have spent a lot of timing developing your “Made in Taiwan” green product. However, you have noticed that it is not selling well. What is the problem?

To answer this question, we have conducted a survey during an international green industry expo – asking 20 green companies to show us the company’s English website. Here is what we have found:

6 of them did not have English websites. 9 of the companies do not know anything about the contents; 2 use google translation; 2 entrust the translation job to friends, and one corporation hired a local website company to create the website – which ended up with a mistake-ridden product.

And we were only talking about website. We did not even ask about their promo film.

In the age of Internet, with products – especially green products – trending towards paperless promotions, people surf the web to compare prices, browse different products, read through reviews, and consider CP values. If you are doing the same thing yourself, what makes you think that your customers will not do the same? When a potential client arrives at your website, they see the typical image of a pair of hands holding up Earth accompanied by the commonplace slogan “Environmentally Friendly. Energy-saving. Low Carbon Emission. Love Our Planet.” Do you believe that people will buy your product or subscribe to your service for the sake of doing our planet a favor?

Of course, you understand the meaning of a website, giving clients an important impression like when they visit your company or flagship store in person. You realize that the value of having a presentable website outweighs the cost in making one. Yet, you do not really have time to deal with marketing, and you know the government provides free promotion consultation as a part of the bonus packages, so why bother spending any money?

There is nothing wrong with freebies. However, because the thing is free, you have just given up an opportunity to learn, to develop a marketing plan from a strategic perspective – which may limit company growth in the long run.

Well, green entrepreneurs, starting from today, you should start thinking about marketing from a strategic perspective and put an equal emphasis on marketing as you would with product and service.

Sinogreenenergy, one of our green impact partners and clients, used to think like you. They remained focused on the domestic market and only deals with B2B operations. Why bother with marketing?

Now, with the involvement of Green Mentors from the Green Impact Academy, they are able to reach new customers, speaking a language which people understands, and a story that is honest and empathetic. They give a new meaning and interpretation to the slogan “Energy is invisible, green impact is visible“

We applied what we did for one green company to the entire industry. With the help of Green Mentors from the Green Impact Academy, we have tailor-made a promotional film highlighting the advantages of Taiwan’s circular economy industry. You can tell from the film what kind of ambition we have in promoting the green industry:

We currently provide 4 key marketing services that green companies require,

  1. Corporate video storytelling and production
  2. International mainstream media press release
  3. Business/corporate website design
  4. Integrated project management

We understand that these marketing services are not for every green companies. Rather, they are aimed at green companies or start-ups that seeks to be different from others and hungry for real green impact.