An Expert of Technology Feng-Shui and Promoter of Taiwan’s Affordable Green Housing

Chiu was originally a researcher of greenhouse and barn. After knowing some farm barns are more comfortable than human houses, he is committed to create a comfortable and healthy living environment for public with the simple method of environmental protection. Since 2004, he started giving speeches about energy-saving in Taiwan, he is also known as “expert in energy-saving.” Since 2007, the transformations of his house and community raised the interests of many audiences. Later, Chiu established Green Comfort Home Association and works as director. He organized the “energy-saving home improvement competition.” “Good house,” his serial books, are best-sellers. Chiu constantly shares concepts of “affordable green housing” in his books. Chiu is Ph.D. student at Institute of Building Environment and Equipment Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing.


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