Talent Acquisition

"Millennials are selfish and entitled. They are impossible to manage. Two of my new hires, been here for like a month, just decide to quit without a notice. I have invested a lot of time on 104 Job Bank to recruit those kids. And now, I have to go through the effort all over again, it is killing me.” An owner of a green company complained to me at a coffee shop.

People who choose to work in green industry have a unique set of quality and skills, which are very difficult to recognize during the general recruiting process. A high performer in green company are more intrinsic, as they value green impact more than monetary rewards. If the management use conventional ways to manage these green talents, they are doomed to fail. And there is one thing to make the situation even worse, in recent years a lot of green jobs are created in forms that never existed before, such as smart grid researchers or designers who can build blockchain-based energy trading system. You will need new recruitment skills to hire and retain green talents.

Green Impact Academy has teamed up with a group of experts to develop a secret receipt helping green companies to find the right person for the job. It is both a science and art, enabling us to identify the qualitative aspects that will produce successful matches between organizations and green talents.

We specialize in the following industries,
✓ Renewable energy
✓ Energy saving
✓ Energy storage
✓ Energy Information and Communication Technology, EICT
✓ Green manufacturing
✓ Recycling and renewable resources
✓ Green building
✓ Electric vehicles
✓ Green consumer products
✓ Organic foods
✓ Green services
✓ Green financial services
✓ Fintech services