Is there an investors' list that specifically invest in energy sector?

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Green Entrepreneur:

Is there an investors' list that specifically invest in energy sector?

Kok-Leong TOH (PE Investor & Mentor of Green Impact Lab) :

From my perspective, this is fast changing as most investors being to see the potential of renewable energy in Taiwan. Already, there are a number of developers and investors entering into the market to invest and evaluate opportunities in solar and offshore wind. This will continue as the sector matures from early stage development small-scale projects to late stage development large-scale projects.

In terms of the local units that would look at energy investment, I see traditional engineering and construction companies and conventional power companies entering the market. Particularly, conventional power companies moving into renewable energy is one of the major trends globally. Large oil majors such as BP, Shell and the likes have started renewable energy units and actively pursuing renewable development and investment in Europe and the Americas.

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