Green Impact Academy
Inspiring to a Leading Chinese Green Networking Platform

A few years ago, we set out to transform all industries into green companies. It failed. From the experience, we learned this lesson in a hard way, “Add successively as many mail coaches as you please, you will never get a railway thereby” The essence of green economy is innovation, and the essence of innovation is never continuous.

Green Impact Academy focuses on issues that adds to the advantages of green industries, including talents, capitals, technologies, and policies and regulations. We bring together the expertise across various fields, hoping to make green industries the mainstream economy within one generation.

What Constitutes a Green Enterprise?

A company which can raise energy or resources utilization efficiency during the manufacturing of products or providing of services is considered a green enterprise. A collective of such like-minded companies is a green industry. Through the undertaking of green public and private investments, the green industry can continue to develop green economy and employment mechanisms, thereby decouple the connection between economic growth and carbon emission.

Green Impact Academy acts as a bridge among green industries, helping you link up with green trends, opportunities, social networks, and funds.


Green Mentor's Fireside Chat



Green Mentor's Fireside Chat



Green Mentor's Fireside Chat



Praises for Green Impact Academy

  • Yancey HAI / Chairman of Delta Electronics Inc.

    Management believes green business is unprofitable; however, it is a huge myth. The fact is, you can achieve both company profits and environmental benefits at the same time. Those who work with you can also feel much more self-esteem and be a lot happier. This is by far the best solution by decoupling economic growth from carbon emissions.

  • LIN Hsien-Te / Professor of Department of Architecture of National Cheng Kung University

    Green companies need a grand view to find out the keys to sustainable operation. Contact the Green Impact Academy to get your solutions. It helps you acquire foresight into building strategies for the next 10 years and putting you ahead of your competitors.

  • KUO Ying-Chao / Principal Architect of Bio-Architecture Formosana

    When I pitch to clients, I often feel that they are really confused about how to merge environmental awareness into their business culture. You can’t claim to be a green enterprise simply by transforming your headquarters into a green building. Small and medium enterprises need a better tool to make up the deficiency of green talents. When they have such needs, I would pass them a name card and invite them to meet Green Impact Academy.

  • WEN Lih-Chyi / Supervisor of Center of Green Economy, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research

    We support bold green entrepreneurs, because these people will reshape accepted models of business. Green Impact Lab provides seed funding and mentorship to these pioneers, helping them acquire the resources and tools to explore further.

  • Aling LIN / Best-selling author

    I have never run a large company, so I do not profess to understand the complicated operations and mindsets of business. However, as a customer, I know the sources of people’s happiness, and earning money is not the only way. If you do not evolve with us and push your company to take responsibilities of both social and environmental problems, you will find out that you are on the wave crest when another food safety crisis takes place.