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Green Impact Lab is a patient early stage investor. To find a model which can make economic growth environmentally sustainable, we invest in green entrepreneurs who are result-oriented, execution-focused, and with bold ambitions yet keep modest.

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Face-to-face interview to help validate resources needed for issues in your company (Learn More)

Green Impact Lab accelerator, 0 to 1

Validating business model hypotheses, introducing capital, matchmaking for sales and co-op opportunities

Green Impact Lab fund, 1 to 10

We will help you get the needed capital after market validation, it would be a funding that help you in scaling stage.

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We currently focus on investing the green energy startups, including the fields of renewable energy, energy saving, energy storage, energy information and communication technology(EICT). Those types of startups are easily constrained by technology, regulation and capital. The founding team would waste too much time doing inefficient stuff, such as taking a whole month to prepare a business plan or developing a business model that is not permitted by laws.

Our job is to help solve these problems. With the professional mentors supported by Green Impact Academy, you will get mentoring to speed up your market validation. Green Impact Lab leads seed capital to help you find investors that truly help you.

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