Marketing Services

You are an expert and knowledgeable about the green economy sector. However, you know relatively few people who share your passion or even those who understands what you are talking about.

You have invested much of your effort into creating a quality MIT green product and hired an advertising agency to handle marketing, but unfortunately you have ended up with poor sales figures. You believe that the advertising agency got it wrong, but when they ask you for what you have in mind exactly, you cannot provide a concrete answer.

Is it because no one else share the same pro-environmental values you possess? Or are you just a poor communicator?

The answer: neither one is correct. This is because the majority of green businesses have barriers to entry of all types and difficulty. You know that you have been in this industry for too long when every time you talk about something in this field, you would assume all your listeners have all the prerequisite knowledge to understand exactly what you are talking about. Unfortunately, most of your listeners do not have such specialized knowledge ingrained into their mind, so even if they are listening to you politely, chances are they might have a hard time understanding you.

It is great to build high barriers to entry in terms of business competition; however, it is not a good thing when you deal with marketing or sales.

One of the most challenging tasks in marketing and communications is to translate specialized jargons into layman’s terms and get the message across in a way that the average Joe understands.

Fortunately, we at Green Impact Academy are good with this – translating green industry terms.

In the Green Mentor’s Fireside Chat column, we advocate plain language movements for the energy industry, circular economy innovation industry, and green financing industry. Our views have become the leading opinions for the green industry and an influencer upon government’s policy decisions, as well as the daily Joe’s Map World Entry Machine (from the cartoon Doraemon). Now we have over 5 million engaged users reading our columns, and many of the users later become out clients.

Our clients discover that they require the service of our special abilities in the following situations:

✓  Communications on Green Policies

✓  Communications on Risk Management

✓  Investment Meetings

✓  Public Hearings and Local Briefings

✓  Design for Messages Conveyed through PowerPoints of Government Thinktanks or Green Enterprises

✓  Training Courses for Cross-government Agency Communication Skills

✓  Social Events for Green Industry Groups

✓  Script Design and Production for Green Company Films

Green Marketing Case Study – Sinogreenergy CSR Promo 

Green Marketing Case Study – Industrial Development Bureau Circular Economy Promo 

By translating green industry jargons into layman’s language, we can help you look for potential customers and obtain more orders – or even win you public support! We welcome green startup companies, microbusinesses, SMEs, government, policy advisors, and investors to contact us.