Do you believe that we can amplify our success by working hand-in-hand?

Might sound like an overstatement, but I believe it is true!

Five years ago, the green industry was small and insignificant. When we walk out the door, nobody thinks we are important. People would rather spend their time playing Pokemon, believing that there’s more opportunity in landing on a job in the gaming industry.

If we are doing the right thing, why are we so insignificant in mainstream society?

Over the past five years, the green entrepreneur community “Green Like We Give A Damn” organized more than 60 meetups by tapping upon market forces. We have attracted professional green talents from the fields of energy, material, recycling and renewable resources, construction, transportation, agriculture, foods and products, and water resources. We have sub communities located in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, successfully establishing a culture of exchange and sharing within the green industry.

☸ Why should you sign up?

✓ Because top green entrepreneurs are here
✓ Because the strongest green companies with the most potentials to become unicorns are here
✓ Through offline meetups, you can have insights into opportunities known to people working industries
  by meeting face-to-face with both domestic and international experts
✓ Access to discounts on training courses and activities
✓ Acquire priority interview opportunities to green job openings
✓ Access to the strongest network, helping you connect to and must cross-sector resources

Green Entrepreneur Community Green Like We Give A Damn helps you connect with green industry trends, business opportunities, networks, and ideas. We welcome those interested in or are currently working in green industries to sign up.