HUANG Zong-Huang

An Architect of Green Economy Development

Huang received his Ph.D. from Department of Applied Economics at University of Minnesota in 1986, and then started his career at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Taiwan. Immediately after his early retirement from NTHU in 2010, he joined Taiwan Research Institute as the Vice President and acted as the President of Taiwan Association of Environmental and Resource Economics in 2016.

Dr. Huang had been for many years a consultant to several government think-tanks in Taiwan, member of several governmental advisory committees, and Guest Professor in mainland China. In February of 2019, he accepted the offer from National Taipei University as a contract professor at the Institute of Natural Resources Management. He is also the mentor of Green Impact Academy.

Huang has been focusing his research interests mainly on environmental and resource economics, cost-benefit analysis, and CGE modeling. He has numerous articles published in American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Applied Economics, etc. Recent works appear on Global Journal of Business Research, The Empirical Economics Letters, and International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy.

Energy Policy and Regulation Circular Economy

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