KO Chung-Sheng

A Green Financial Explorer

Since childhood, numbers have been Ko’s preferred method to see the world. Not surprisingly, he started off his career as a professional trader. Basking in the light of various financial products for over a decade, he was used to the high-pressure lifestyle characterized by tracking 8 monitor screens across 4 computers throughout the day. However, he realized that one day – after a meal of instant noodles – that it is time to say goodbye to his job as a broker passionate for short-term trading. Later, he becomes a long-term investor exploring green industries. His hope is that investment not only yields money to fill one’s pockets, but also results that make green impact. He is the co-founder of TXI Center, the fund manager of TXI Equity Fund and the mentor of Green Impact Academy.

Mentor of Green Impact Lab Finance

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Green Mentor's Fireside Chat



Green Mentor's Fireside Chat



Green Mentor's Fireside Chat



Green Mentor's Fireside Chat



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